Discretionary Grant Opportunity

Discretionary Grant Opportunity 2018-2019
TO:                EPISD Educators
FROM:         Eagle Pass I.S.D. Educational Foundation
SUBJECT:   Request for Innovative Teaching Grant Application
Date:            August 24, 2018

The Eagle Pass Educational Foundation (“EPEF”) is a non-profit organization created to develop and expand educational opportunities for students of the Eagle Pass Independent School District.  One of its principal goals is to identify and fund worthy innovative projects whose costs exceed the limitations of the district’s regular budget.
EPEF will direct it’s funding to single campus and single classroom projects. General project qualification guidelines;  

  1. Projects must enhance and support the instructional program;
  2. Campus projects must be approved by the campus principal;
  3. Project grant requests must be submitted on time
EPEF has elected to limit the number of grant requests that will be accepted from a given campus to three (3). 

Please follow the instructions below in order to apply for funding consideration. The process requires that all grant requests be submitted to EPEF by September 28, 2018: 

The following items will not be funded by the foundation:

  1. Personnel stipends/salaries and staff development costs
  2. Capital outlay items (fixtures, furnishings, and equipment) such as computer hardware, cameras, and bookshelves.
  3. Travel costs and lodging (field trips).
  4. Food, candy, drinks or any promotional items (stickers, pencils, pads, erasers, etc.).
Grant Request Submittal Instructions:
  1. Please download and fill out the EPEF Innovative Teaching Grant Application  This will be considered as the “official version” of your grant request and submittal. Applications are available on the Eagle Pass I.S.D. website.
  2. Please do not modify the document formatting or try to substitute an “equivalent” document. 
  3. Upon completion of the Innovative Teaching Grant Application, please print a hard copy for signature(s) and submit.
  4. Please do not submit any pamphlets, brochures, price lists, photos, or other material with the signed hard copy of your submittal.
  5. Secure the required approval signatures.  Failure to secure the required signatures will be cause for the submittal to be rejected. 
  6. Send a hard copy of the grant request application form with the signature page to:
Mr. Gilberto Gonzalez, Superintendent of Schools
Eagle Pass I.S.D. District Service Center - Superintendent Office
Faxed transmissions will not be accepted.
  1. We suggest you keep a copy of the grant request and signature page for your records.   
Time Table
We will begin accepting project grant applications beginning Monday, August 27, 2018. 
  1. Deadline for the grant application submission is no later than 5:00pm (Central Time)Friday, September 28, 2018.
Extensions of the deadlines will not be considered. Grant Review Committee's decisions are final.  Don’t take a chance – please submit early.  
If you have questions, please call:

            Superintendent’s Office
                773-5181  ext. 1002