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H-E-B Awards Education Foundation $25,000

Thank you, H-E-B!  The Texas-based grocery company awarded the Eagle Pass Education Foundation (EPEF) a $25,000 donation.  For a second consecutive year  the store has matched their donation to the EPEF awarding a grand total of $50,000 to the non-profit foundation.  
Thank you H-E-B for continuous support of the students and teachers of our district. 

Reference: The News Gram Online (May 14, 2014)


H-E-B Donates $25,000 to Education Foundation

When one decides to become a teacher, they are making a conscious decision to be there for that one child who most needs there help, to pass on the knowledge which was passed on to them by their teachers, but most importantly, to be aware of ways to use the technology available in this day and age, come up with creative ways to present their material, plan properly to conduct a meaningful lesson and touch the future.
General Manager Andy Perales of our local H-E-B was presented with a plaque by the members of the Education Foundation, a foundation started four years ago to provide grants to our most creative educators across the EPISD and Superintendent Gilbert Gonzalez was there to witness the event first hand.
When asked about the generous donation which in essence will provide viable activities which touch the future by motivating our students and faculties across the EPISD, Gonzalez said, "We are here this morning because we are very grateful for these funds for the EPISD and most especially for the foundation which has been in existence for four years now and for the past three years, H-E-B has contributed $25,000.00 so that we in turn can provide these innovative programs the teachers are incorporating with the students and making them think outside the box."
"We're fortunate that we have a very strong partner in education, I'm of course referring to H-E-B, who year after year show their support to the Education Foundation," stated Jesus Sanchez who was very instrumental in getting this non-profit organization started to provide an incentive to our best teachers and their students who embark on differentiating educational journeys each school year thanks to the benevolence of partners such as H-E-B.
"The funds such as these and other funds that we raise are used exclusively to provide grants to classroom teachers for them to provide projects that are above and beyond the curriculum that the school district could offer," he added.
"This is an excellent opportunity for the Education Foundation as we have established this partnership with H-E-B through the efforts of previous superintendent Jesus Sanchez and Mr. Gonzalez, I think that we're doing a fantastic job as a group through all of our members and I appreciate the time and effort they put into this organization," said Enrique Montalvo, former Federal Programs Director for the EPISD who is no rookie in terms of significant acquisitions of funding as he obtained the first major federal funding from the Obama administration in 2008 which put technology directly into the classrooms of all of our schools.
When asked how these funds are used, he said that they are awarded to teachers who seek to inspire their students and who practice the art of proper planning, Montalvo concluded, "Without question.  I think that that's the intent within the organization, to promote innovative and creative ideas from the teachers in the classroom."  

Reference: The News Gram Online (July 23, 2015)